About Featured Photographers at Basho

Project Basho has been steadily attracting committed photographers through various programs from darkroom rental to Night for Emerging Photographers. The photographers that work with Project Basho come from varied backgrounds and have strengths in several different areas of the photographic medium. “Featured Photographers at Basho” is a showcase for the talented individuals who print, exhibit, lecture, and support the photographic endeavors at Project Basho. This monthly interview series takes an in-depth look at a chosen photographer’s interests and processes.

About Project Basho

Project Basho is a photography resource center located on Germantown Avenue in Old Kensington in Philadelphia.

With the community darkroom as the locus of the program, Project Basho offers introductory and advanced classes and specialized workshops on historical processes and other formal issues in photography. Project Basho is committed to re-introducing photography to Philadelphia by providing a space that is conducive to the advancement of the medium and by fostering a vibrant culture of photography through an array of educational programs such as informal critiques, lectures, and panel discussions.

Project Basho now houses a gallery space on Germantown Avenue as. Unique architectural details and a 14 ft foot ceiling create a space that is both spacious and intimate. Project Basho Gallery is a place where visually arresting photographs and educated viewers will meet to appreciate the beauty, craft and vision of the medium.

For more information about the project or would if you would like to visit the studio and gallery, please feel free to contact Project Basho.

Project Basho
1305 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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